God’s Goods

“Praise the Lord, O my soul; all my inmost being, praise his holy name. Praise the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits.” Psalm 103:1-2

At God’s Goods Thrift Store, we have many reasons to praise God!

In August of 2009, 17 members of The Church of the Cross embarked on a 10-day mission trip to Belize. God used that trip to inspire the opening of God’s Goods to support mission work.

The first location of God’s Goods was at a rented space at 103 Persimmon Street. (Note the scripture above of Psalm 103…God’s Goods scripture. Bruce Yingling, a church member helping with God’s Goods, upon entering the building – with 103 in big print on the door – grabbed his bible and brought forth this verse for God’s store!)

If you asked the many volunteers who serve at God’s Goods what is special about this ministry, hands down it would be the amazing God’s Goods family that exists! There are many of the original 60 who still volunteer at the store. Wonderful friendship and fellowship happen every day, not only between the staff, but also with the customers and donors!!

God’s Presence is With Us

God has been present in every moment of God’s Goods inception. He took a simple trip to the dump to show His provision of supplying every need of His store. Every piece of store equipment that was needed to begin God’s Goods was donated whether it showed up at the dump (beautiful shelving units that a contractor was just going to toss out) to the entire store contents of a former children’s store (complete with cash register stations, clothing racks, hangers, etc.) and then more shelving from an out of business shoe store supplied all that was needed.

The name for this special ministry was also “God inspired”! In a bible study called “Unexplainable Apart from God”, Nikki Gumble shares that in all things we should make God famous. What a better way to make God famous than to put His name on the building! Kim Perri, Ministry Leader and Founder of God’s Goods shared that one of her favorite stores prior to God’s Goods was Home Goods….so thus GOD’S GOODS!

In its original home, God’s Goods had about 2,000 square feet of sales space and 1,500 square feet of UN-AIRCONDITIONED warehouse space. (Our original volunteers are to be applauded for working 2 summers in that space before we got A/C!)

Expansion Quickly Follows

Following the addition of air-conditioning came an expansion of an additional 2,200 square feet of store space. God did an amazing work by moving the neighbor out of the space and allowing God’s Goods to put a hole in the rented space to connect the two units!

Fast forward to the fall of 2016 – God’s Goods moved into it’s current home at the Mission Mall located at 15 Centre Drive in Bluffton. No more rent payments as now there is a custom fit warehouse and beautiful sales space, great parking and room for other mission work to be done extending from proceeds of the store!

A Team of Volunteers

From before opening day, God’s Goods has been 100% staffed by volunteers. In the early years approximately 60 volunteers ran the operation with a leadership team of about 12-14. Today God’s Goods has a staff of over 345 volunteers and a Leadership Team of 35.

God’s Goods funding is distributed by a Mission Council (totally separate from the God’s Goods leadership team). The Mission Council works with applications for funding and follows the guidance of mission work of the Anglican church. The Mission Council uses a guideline of 1/3 to local missions, 1/3 to national missions and 1/3 to world missions. The financial blessings since God’s Goods began is currently over 2 million dollars.

In addition to the funding that God’s Goods generates is the ability to provide clothing, furniture and household items to SO many! God’s Goods partners with Family Promise locally as well as any other needs that come to the attention of leadership. Nationally God’s Goods has provided furniture to several homes as far away as North Carolina when homes have been rebuilt by Samaritan’s Purse and then God’s Goods sends furniture to those in need. Internationally, God’s Goods sent 100 bins of clothing and special items that residents of Puerto Rico needed – (Ok – Puerto Rico is a US property, but that is a far-reaching place to go)! God’s Goods has also helped over the years with items needed by those going on mission trips to Central America, Russia, Ireland and Africa to name a few!

God is to be praised at His store and ALWAYS!!