What Does Every Marriage Need?

February 24, 2017 | by: Pastor Jeff Falkowski | 0 comments

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What Does Every Marriage Need?

Before Gwen and I were married, we had a wise friend insist on sending us to professional marriage counselors for premarital counseling. While there, the husband and wife team made a powerful point. They said, "People routinely take care of their cars because it is important to keep them running well, how much more then should we take care of our marriages?" Their point was clear. Don't wait until you have a major breakdown to "fix" your marriage, make sure you take care of your marriage along the way and your marriage will take care of you!

Marriage has three huge implications for life. First, marriage is woven in the very fabric of creation and therefore is foundational to every society. From the very beginning, God called Adam and Eve together as a team to form a family and bless all of creation by multiplying healthy family units in all the earth. The healthier marriages are in a community the better the health of that community. The reciprocal is true as well, the more broken marriages there are in a given community the more fragmented that community will be.

Secondly, husbands and wives are the foundation of the family unit. Oftentimes parents unknowingly allow their children to become the center of the home. Child centered families have an unstable foundation because children themselves are in the process of becoming fully formed people and are not strong enough to support the family unit. Families that depend on children holding them together will fall apart.

Marriage must be built upon a solid concrete foundation. This is why God calls a man and a woman to come together with Him in unity. Cement is of no use by itself. It must be mixed with an aggregate like sand and then water to form concrete. In the same way, when a man and a woman come together and are "washed" in the water of God's word, they form the necessary firm foundation to build a thriving family.

Finally, marriage is a witness to the world of the reality of Christ Himself and His bride the Church. It is truly amazing to me that God chose to show what a relationship with Him is all about by the joining of a man and a woman in the covenant relationship of marriage. Christ, the Bridegroom, lays down His life for the Church, the Church, His bride, responds to this self-sacrificial love by giving of herself to Christ. No wonder the forces of hell are arrayed against godly marriages. Should we not give our time and attention to nurture our marriages?

At The Church of the Cross, we care about your marriage. As such, we have planned an opportunity on March 16-18 for you to come and care for your most precious resource, your marriage. For more information click here.

I am looking forward to making my marriage the best it can be. I look forward to seeing you there too!

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