The Irish Are Here! 1-23-14

May 18, 2016 | by: Pastor Jonathan Riddle | 0 comments

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From now on you are not strangers and people who are not citizens. You are citizens together with those who belong to God. You belong in God's family. This family is built on the teachings of the missionaries and the early preachers. Jesus Christ Himself is the cornerstone, which is the most important part of the building.
Ephesians 2:19-20

jonathan167Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones was a famous doctor when he left his very prestigious position in the Royal College of Physicians and shocked many of his colleagues by going into ministry. Years later he would remember in his pre-ministry days spending all his time with the intellectual elite of British society; but when Christ came into his life, much of that changed. His first job was in a little town in Wales in the middle of nowhere. Its primary industry was fishing, and a large majority of the community was blue collar. Lloyd-Jones feared he would have nothing in common and, as an academic, would fail to preach the Gospel in a way they could connect with.

However, even though he was a person of high society, he soon realized in ministering to the people: "I would rather talk about the Lord with the humblest, lowliest persons of society than to sit at the Oxford club with my peers and the company of the highest circles who don't know me."

He had a hard to time explaining it; "Even though they are not my class of people I have a oneness with them." The oneness was Jesus Christ - He was the great factor that brought people together from vastly different backgrounds.

Like Lloyd Jones, I discovered this as well with many of my Rwandan friends. I've had great ease spending time with these people from a completely different culture. Our common thread was the Gospel, which made everything else seem secondary.

Our Irish brothers and sisters come to us this weekend as children of the same Father we worship. When you see them, welcome them as your own family!

Glorify Him and enjoy Him forever,


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