Padre's Ponderings

September 27, 2017 | by: Father Chuck Owens | 0 comments

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It was a strange sight indeed . . . the historic church shuttered on a Sunday morning! With memories of Hurricane Matthew rekindled, the multitude normally present had scattered, most choosing to flee the Lowcountry well in advance of Hurricane Irma's predicted fury. Two days later, the storm's wind and water departed, exposing its residue of debris to the sun's welcome rays; and unshuttered, the historic church stood ready to welcome home its family of worshippers, The Church of the Cross.


Though seldom necessary, we shutter the old church to protect it from the great Atlantic storms. But my brothers and sisters, as the Church, the Body of Christ on this earth, we have no need to cower before society's head winds, for our strength is in the One who calms the winds and waters. While congregations elsewhere may "shutter up" in the face of turbulence, we must not be among them - we have churches to build and Churches to plant!