Padre's Ponderings

February 2, 2017 | by: Father Chuck Owens | 0 comments

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Padre's Ponderings

Show me that river, take me across,
wash all my troubles away.
Like that lucky old sun, give me nothing to do,
but roll around heaven all day.

Have you ever had so much to do that you just couldn't seem to catch up? I'm in one of those places right now - I know because this morning I woke with these words from one of my favorite Frankie Laine songs running through my mind! The trouble is, I'm so excited about what the Lord's up to in this parish that I can't imagine just rolling around with nothing to do all day!

The results of years of discernment, prayer, strategizing and hard work are now coming to fruition. I began the year with the first of a trilogy of sermons (audio and video available here for "The One Talent Man") on the way ahead and spoke in depth about The Present for The Future during our Annual Gathering and Celebration on January 16th (audio and video available here). Since then, negotiations are nearing conclusion for the first of two sites for future churches in southern Jasper County; Fraser Construction Company has been selected to design and build the facilities expansion on the Cross Schools Campus; and pledges are in hand to fund over half of the $15,000,000 needed to complete the capital campaign's four goals - praise God! The various teams involved in the many aspects of this God-sized endeavor are challenging me to match their accelerating pace . . . so much so that for a brief moment the lucky old sun's routine looked a bit attractive. However, that moment passed quickly as I thought about the many who would be in heaven with the Son for eternity as a result of our mutual efforts - praise God!

While much has been accomplished to transform our vision into a reality, much remains to be done! I urge those who have made a financial commitment to offer their time in inviting others to follow their lead (view Kim and Allen Ward's testimony about the joys associated with this self-offering). Wayne Spaulding (510-882-3562) will happily schedule the training needed at a convenient time - please contact him! Remember, any mountain can be moved if enough folks will just pick up one rock!

Leveling the mountain for His glory,


Heavenly Father, gracious benefactor of the past, present and future, thank you for opening the hearts of our spiritual ancestors in this place to sacrificially give of their resources for your Kingdom's purposes, that we might be better positioned to serve you . . . in their present they provided for the future.

As did Elisha, we pray for a double portion of your Holy Spirit to fall upon us, that we might become heirs to their legacy of faithful generosity . . . in the present we, too, seek to provide for the future - not for our good, but for the greater glory of your Son, Jesus Christ.

May it be so, Father; may it be so! Amen.

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