The 2017 Annual Gathering and Celebration

January 16, 2017 | by: Father Chuck Owens | 0 comments

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The 2017 Annual Gathering and Celebration . . .

is only a few short days away - next Monday, January 16th - and my excitement is growing as I put the final touches on my portion of the agenda and become aware of all that is being done to make the evening memorable . . . WOW!

I'll be going to the Cross Schools Campus tomorrow afternoon to watch the huge tent (with carpeted floors, no less) being erected; tables and a stage will then be moved in along with screens and the audiovisual equipment necessary to simulcast from the tent and the worship center (we'll be using both venues for this event). A similar transformation will take place in the multi-purpose room after worship services on Sunday. Caterers will arrive Monday morning to prepare for the dinner to begin hours later. I always rejoice to see so many using their gifts and talents for God's glory!

Activities will commence promptly at 6:30pm (concluding by 8:30pm). Folks able to do so are requested to park their cars at Lord of Life Lutheran Church and take one of the shuttles to and from the campus. Carpooling should also be considered. Childcare is available for those requesting it.

Already over 450 people have made reservations to join the celebration; if you are not among them, I urge you to click here to RSVP - upon doing so, you'll receive several short videos from me as background for the important message I'll be sharing. I look forward to spending the evening with you!

Click here to read the 2016 Annual Report.


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