Padre's Ponderings... February 23, 2017

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Following the 10:00am service last Sunday, I spent time on the Bluff with the families of the four children I had just baptized. Surrounded by blooming azaleas and a soft breeze coming ashore from the May River, multiple generations underscored the occasion with laughter and hugs, while capturing it for posterity with their cell phone cameras. Though Becky had not been present, as I returned to the Rectory, she greeted me with pictures of the festivities moments earlier and the comment, "You're all over Facebook!"

Padre and Thomas Berglind

Padre with Thomas Berglind on Facebook Sunday AM

I heard in Becky's words a strange echo of my own an hour or so earlier. Just after baptizing the children, I had reminded the four hundred or so adults present of their responsibility for the little ones in the parish: "They are watching and listening; and for good or bad, we are shaping them as Christians." My thoughts were rooted in a bygone era when an adult's capacity to influence a child was a function of physical proximity; the ubiquitous cell phone's ability to create a virtual presence via social media has made such narrow thinking obsolete.

Indeed, we are all over Facebook . . . will our children and grandchildren be blessed or cursed by that reality?
Padre on Facebook Sunday PM


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