Padre's Ponderings, 4-28-16

May 18, 2016 | by: Father Chuck Owens | 0 comments

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The 2016 National Football League draft is starting today. In the months leading up to this event, each team's officials have been asking the same question, "What positions do we need to strengthen to give us a better chance of winning more games?" While every NFL team ultimately strives to achieve the same goal, the different strategies they employ determine their needs and drive their draft priorities. Christian congregations utilize different methods to achieve a common purpose; thus their staffing patterns vary widely.

In the wake of Jason's leaving us to become the Rector of St. Paul's Anglican Church in Conway, SC, many would assume the onset of a rapid search to add a clergy person to our ranks . . . I'm resisting that knee-jerk reaction, choosing instead to prayerfully consider the uniqueness of our strategy in determining the next steps God would have us take into His new tomorrow. Another pastor will join us at some point in time; but I've identified two staff positions that presently have a higher priority.

The first is a talented person to guide our communications with the four generations we seek to serve and empower for service. Webpage, e-news, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and tools just over the horizon demand that we continually adapt. We've been slow and rather haphazard in keeping pace with the ever-changing communication landscape - with the best of intentions, we have, in essence, had linemen playing wide receivers. Realizing this weakness on our team, we're already searching for a leader with the required skill set and passion for expanding our impact for Christ in this community and beyond. I solicit your prayers.

Second, I've long thought there's a better way to minister to families. We have programs for middle schoolers, high schoolers, children of all ages, parents and grand-parents; but each addresses a particular component of the family unit as if it existed apart from the whole. Wouldn't it be more beneficial to address the uniqueness of each subset in such a way that life for all is enhanced? With that integrating goal in mind, I'll soon begin the quest for a person with wisdom and experience across the family spectrum to serve the Lord in what could well become a ground-breaking endeavor to shine the light of Christ into the complexities of 21st century family life. Given the requisite team building skills coupled with the ability to coordinate the many facets of "what is" to achieve "what could be," this new paradigm might soon give rise to the most expansive and far-reaching of our initiatives. I solicit your prayers.

NFL draft picks can impact on a team's future for many seasons - parish staffing selections can have an eternal impact on the lives of many. I solicit your prayers.


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