Padre's Ponderings 3-31-16

May 18, 2016 | by: Father Chuck Owens | 0 comments

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To say that the scene before me is tranquil would not be a misuse of the King's English. Earlier the sea was as clear and calm as the sky, though a darker hue of blue. Now the waning tide has revealed previously hidden sandbars deposited over the years precisely where the Atlantic Ocean shares itself with the St. Helena Sound. Sea birds are finding a much needed temporary respite upon these spits of land just as Becky and I are on the northern tip of Fripp Island - respectfully, a few hours and a few days will bless both of us.


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Given the ever-accelerating pace of our parish ministries, Becky and I value our brief quarterly getaways for the unstructured time to invest in ourselves in preparation for investing in others. In a sense, it's time set aside to do the kind of nothing that makes so much possible . . . and we thank God for it!

In His Power and for His Glory,


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