Padre's Ponderings, 3-3-16

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Padre's Ponderings, 3-3-16

In the late 1940's among my favorite childhood possessions was a little brown Sears Silvertone radio - it was magic for it had the power to create images in this young lad's mind. Why, each Saturday morning I could "see" the Lone Ranger and Tonto galloping after black-hatted bad guys; and on Saturday nights when the weather was just right, I could "see" the legends of country music as I listened to the Grand Ole Opry broadcast live from the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville on WSM. Sounds emanating from that radio fueled dreams prompting me to believe anything to be possible.

Becky and Chuck Owens car pic

But alas, childhood dreams have a way of evaporating like an early morning mist as the years take their toll on our imaginations. What seems possible at seven often becomes a pipe dream at twenty-seven . . . but not always.

What the radio had been for me television became for Becky. The Wonderful World of Disney on Sunday evenings challenged "impossibility thinkers" - with the waving of her wand Tinker Bell sprinkled the idea that dreams could come true. I remember walking with Becky along the dirt roads on her father's farm - walking and talking about everything and nothing the way lovers do - two dreamers kicking up dust on the threshold of God's new tomorrow, neither having a way of knowing He had even bigger dreams in mind for us.

On March 6, 1971, Becky and I were married. A starry-eyed couple standing before an altar, we dared to believe that with God's help the gap between imagination and reality could be bridged, not by wishing upon a star, but by honoring our vows and committing ourselves to become one in heart, soul and mind while pursuing our shared dreams and His. For forty-five years God has blessed us for our good and used us for His greater glory; and for that this coming Sunday two young-at-heart dreamers will be saying, "Thanks be to God!"


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