Padre's Ponderings 2-11-16

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Padre's Ponderings

For seventeen years Cross Schools has been an integral component of this parish's strategy for reaching future generations with the good news of God in Christ. I was asked recently to speak to a gathering of its parents as the School prepares to take another leap into God's new tomorrow. Knowing that many are vitally interested in this ministry partnership, my words that evening are shared below as an encouragement for continued prayer support and active involvement.


"The Vision behind the Dream"
Cross Schools Parent Gathering
January 27, 2016

Again, thank you for your presence tonight. Thank you, too, for entrusting your children to Cross Schools. Ours is a partnership whose ultimate goal is to prepare your children for a future the likes of which we cannot begin to envision.

When I entered the First Grade in 1948, my classroom looked like the classrooms my father and mother had sat in: my teacher's main instructional tool was the slate blackboard behind her big desk; my little wooden desk had the initials of its previous occupants carved into its lift-up top just beneath the groove for pencils and the ink well used generations earlier by my predecessors; displayed prominently on the wall by the door were a framed copy of the Ten Commandments and a picture of George Washington; an American flag with forty-eight stars stood proudly nearby. Click here to read on...

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