Padre's Ponderings, July 28, 2016

July 28, 2016 | by: Father Chuck Owens | 0 comments

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It's 3:00pm; and with the predictability of the church bell announcing the start of worship, a summer shower is bringing relief from a wilting combination of temperature and humidity above 90. The rain is falling softly from clouds too white to be menacing and too ephemeral to offer the promise of a lingering respite. That said, the sun's momentary return will be welcomed, for it's been robbed of sufficient time to reignite its earthly oven.

The hours between showers and sunset are precious in the Lowcountry. Folks venture forth from their air conditioned havens to enjoy nature's facelift: birds chirp enthusiastically; flowers raise their heads; water droplets cause the grass to glisten; Spanish moss takes on a greenish tint; and the salt air even smells fresher. These special moments call to mind a Robert Browning verse: "God's in His heaven - all's right with the world!"

As if intent on exacting revenge for this afternoon's momentary lapse, old Sol will return at dawn tomorrow to challenge our resolve again. He'll do his best to draw our attention to thermometers and hygrometers; but the seasoned among us will instead keep an eye on the clock - we know 3:00pm is coming!


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