On God's Goods, 6-16-15

May 18, 2016 | by: Father Chuck Owens | 0 comments

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Enough if something from our hands has power to live, and act, and serve the future hour.
William Wordsworth

This line from Wordsworth's sonnet, The River Duddon, was the springboard for the thanksgiving thoughts I shared with the annual gathering of God's Goods volunteers several evenings ago. You see, I knew that a few moments later they were to be informed by their leadership that in the first five years of the thrift store's existence over $1,000,000 had been generated for local and foreign mission work; and, knowing the allure of the dollar's siren call, I deemed it important to caution them against being distracted from their Gospel purpose. Raising money is not and has never been the primary goal of the God's Goods ministry - it is but a tool to help The Church of the Cross reach its Great Commission objective: opening doors to introduce others to the life-changing difference a relationship with Jesus Christ makes possible.

My friends, everything we put our hands to must be set in the context of eternity . . . what are we doing today that will make a difference for eternity in someone else's life? I've long held that "the fruit of a believer is another believer." By that definition, I dare say most of us would have to agree that much of the business of our daily lives could well be described as "ultimately inconsequential" because it is unfruitful. Another of Wordsworth's lines captures our dilemma: "getting and spending we lay waste our powers." (from The World Is Too Much With Us) I pray that this year's pollen dusting will signal a renewed commitment on your part and mine to God's command in Genesis, "Be fruitful and multiply . . ." (1:28) echoed by Jesus in Matthew, ". . . go and make disciples . . ." (28:19). May it be so, Lord; may it be so.

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