Next Year's Feast, 12-2-13

May 18, 2016 | by: Father Chuck Owens | 0 comments

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padre164As the sun sets today, tomorrow begins - such is the rhythm of life seemingly decreed for us in the first chapter of God's Word: ". . . and there was evening and morning - the first day." (Genesis 1:5) The pattern suggests that the sun's setting draws a curtain on one day and directs our thoughts toward the next, toward God's coming creation, His new revelation of what is good in His sight. That ancient Hebrew understanding has long guided my thoughts and actions during this season when darkness prevails over light.

unnamedThough tempted to linger over the bounty of God's grace and challenges so generously provided in 2013 as if I were still gathered with family around the Thanksgiving table, I choose to anticipate next year's feast, the as yet unseen but soon to be revealed banquet of opportunities and blessings God will place before us in 2014 . . . and I need to tell you that after the events of this past weekend my anticipation is mounting just as it does when I begin to savor the aroma ofBecky's cooking, only more so. I was humbled to witness folks stepping forward in unprecedented numbers to thank the Lord with their pledges of time, talent and treasure for the year ahead; and praise God, more will follow their lead in the weeks to come. Once the individual pieces havebeen entered into our data base, a picture will begin to emerge of God's preferred future. Meanwhile, as night has its sway over day, I continue to be prayerful and thankful: thankful for a time and place such as this in which to serve the Lord and thankful for partners in ministry such as you.

In His power and for His glory,


P.S. If you have been sensing that God might be nudging you to serve on the Vestry of The Church of the Cross and you are a Communicant in Good Standing and have completed the Connections Workshop and the Church Leadership Training Workshop, you are invited to continue your discernment process by completing the Vestry Questionnaire and returning it to me digitally along with your picture by December 16, 2013. The self-nominations received will be prayerfully considered by the Vestry; those seconded will have their responses distributed to the entire congregation and their names will be offered for election to a three year term during the congregation's annual meeting on January 20, 2014. If I can be of help in your decision making, please contact me.

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