Monday Night Kick-Off

August 22, 2016 | by: Pastor Jonathan Riddle | 0 comments

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Monday Night Kick-Off

Last year our we began Monday Main Events. Being spread across two campuses, five worship services, over eighty ministries and numerous communities, it's important that we become more intentional about building the personal relationships that hallmark the Body of Christ. This is a special night once a month for adults, youth and children - bringing the whole family together! There will be a group activity, a children's message and a free meal for all. Supper will begin at 6:15pm; programming follows at 6:45pm; and the evening concludes by 7:45pm. Our planning group has mapped out the entire's going be a blast! You absolutely need to make it to this event, you'll leave encouraged, closer to other members, and full of God's joy of what He's doing at The Church of the Cross.


Glorify God and Enjoy Him Forever!




MME Monday Main Event Kick-Off!

~Monday, August 29
~Dinner begins at 6:15pm, Children's Message to follow
~Cross Schools Campus, 495 Buckwalter Parkway
~Bring a Friend! Come for Fellowship, Fun & Laughter.
~The evening concludes at 7:45pm.

~Show your team spirit! Wear your favorite jersey or team colors. Have your picture made in the "Charleston Photo Booth". Click here to register for dinner.

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