The Land Beyond

June 20, 2017 | by: Pastor Jonathan Riddle | 0 comments

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The Land Beyond  

Grab 12 stones in the middle of the River bed, and stack them on the other side of the bank, and let them be a monument to remember the miracle I’ve done here today.                         Joshua 4

The Lord creates ways for us to look back and remember what He has done. To be purposeful in developing “Disciplines of Remembrance” for the miracles He has performed in our lives.  

Each summer our family finds its way back to the mountains of North Carolina. Each year it’s a family tradition to pick stones off the bottom of the Watauga Riverbed. The word "Watauga" is Native-American for "the land beyond." Personally, it’s appropriate considering my love for that River while also spending nearly my entire adult life teaching others about “the land beyond”… the City of God. Each smooth stone our family now possesses is a reminder of what God has done and where we are headed. His present faithfulness, and the rich inheritance that will one day be ours…and so it is with you.


Watauga Riverbed

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