Ireland Itinerary, 10-27-14

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13th OctoberNew_Wine_logo
Arrive Dublin Delta 176 – 8.35am
Greeted by Ken McGrath
Travel to Donegal with Ken McGrath
Accommodation in Central Hotel Donegal


Ireland Mission October 2014– Image 1 of 4


14th – 16th October
Down & Dromore Clergy Conference
12.00pm (16th) Travel to Killeshandra with Ali
Accommodation with Ali Calvin

Today we met with Hazel and Barry Hicks. Went to one of Hazels churches and newly renovated Hall(Parish Hall) beautiful and making a big difference in their youth ministry and a place to share their hospitality.

Met Andrew and Joanne Quill and had lunch with them and then went on meet their new youth worker. Amy is a talented young woman with much potential and a real breath of fresh air for Andrew and Joanne. It was a very exciting day to visit with our dear friends and fellow sojourners in God's kingdom work. The Church of the Cross has truly been an inspiration to these folks and we are seeing the fruit of their labor over the past few years. My heart is filled to overflowing of God's generosity and faithfulness to His faithful people.

17th October
Accommodation with Ali Calvin

18th October
Accommodation with Ali Calvin

Ali's Home.JPG











Hall at Killeshandra Parish

Kileshandra Hall.JPG

19th October
Speaking at Cathedral with Feran Glenfield in the morning. Service at 11am
Accommodation with Ali Calvin

Father Owens preaching at Kilmore Cathedral.JPG

Ribbon Cutting of new Hall

Ribbon Cutting of new Hall 1.JPGRibbon Cutting of new Hall 4.JPGRibbon Cutting of new Hall 3.JPG


20th October
Travel to Sligo with Ali Calvin
"Sowing and Growing" in Sligo (10am – 3pm)
Dinner in the Radisson Hotel
Accommodation in The Radisson Hotel (Ali Calvin is bringing you to hotel after event.)
Ian Linton is hosting you during your stay in Sligo.


Sligo - New Wine Conference - " Sowing and Growing"

New Wine Conference 2.JPG

21st October
Travel to Portadown with Ian Linton, met by Gary Galway.
Evening for vestries and Lay Leaders (8pm – 9.30pm)
Dinner with either Ken & Helen or Gary & Heather Galway (TBC)
Accommodation in Seagoe Hotel
Gary Galway / Ken & Helen are hosting you during your stay in Portadown

22nd October
Sowing and Growing in Portadown (10am – 3pm)
Dinner with Ken & Helen Clarke
Accommodation in Seagoe Hotel (TBC)
Gary Galway / Ken & Helen are hosting you during your stay in Portadown

23rd October
Travel to Maghera with Gary Galway, met by Isaac Hanna.
Sowing and Growing in Maghera (10am – 3pm)
Dinner with Isaac & Dianne Hanna
Evening for vestries and Lay Leaders (7.30pm – 9.00pm)
Accommodation in – Walsh’s Hotel (TBC)
Isaac Hanna is hosting you during your stay in Maghera

24th October
Travel to Belfast with Isaac Hanna
Travel to Dublin - (TBC)
Accommodation in Hilton Hotel (TBC)
Dinner at a local restaurant / hotel of your choosing

On the road this morning in Belfast. Stopped at the New Wine Ireland office to meet Beth Tay, our driver to the train station.
New wine office is in the Rectory of St Marks Church. C S Lewis' grandfather was the Rector of this church when Lewis was a child. Lewis spent much time here. Note the picture of the front door to the Rectory and the close up of the door knob-it was the inspiration for Aslan.
Train pulling out now and we're on our way to Dublin and the next event.


25th October
Roly & Susan Pickup from Dublin Hotel (Time TBC)
Informal gathering in Roly & Susan’s house.
Dinner with Roly & Susan
Roly & Susan Heaney is hosting you during your stay in Redcross
Dublin 1.JPGDublin 2.JPG

26th October
Dinner with Roly & Susan
Travel to Dublin with Roly & Susan Heaney (Time TBC)
Accommodation in the Radisson Blu Hotel, Dublin Airport - #GV7T7KL (No breakfast ordered due to early check out)
Roly & Susan Heaney are hosting you during your stay in Redcross

27th October
Depart Dublin

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