In God's Hands, 11-30-16

May 18, 2016 | by: Pastor Jonathan Riddle | 0 comments

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In God's Hands

At the urging of Pastor Jason I want to take a moment to share with you a current medical condition. Two weeks ago I received word that I had been diagnosed with a type of skin cancer. When the call came, I was corralling the kids in the car so I only heard bits and pieces; but what I could gather seemed serious. As a minister I'm around sickness, cancer and death on a regular basis; but having to face your own mortality is a viewpoint that I have never experienced. I didn't sleep that night and found myself thinking, "Will I be around in a year? What will happen to Lisa and the children?" Most importantly, "Do I believe what I've been preaching?"

In time I had more of a complete explanation. My doctor, our own Dr. Carmen Traywick, is an incredibly capable physician. The bottom line: the cancer was caught early and is very treatable - I should be just fine. One day I'll be on the road to Glory, just not yet!

I do want to share in part what I've taken away. Lisa asked, "If the prognosis is grim, what will you change in your life?" My answer was quick and surprised both of us, "I would change absolutely nothing!" As I've taught the series For the Glory of God, it has become increasingly clear that we should go all out for God no matter what kind of hand we're dealt. We live our lives every single day glorifying God wherever He calls; and if He calls us home, we go out with our boots on. Staring at my own mortality, I was comforted to know that even when I fall short in glorifying God, He is pleased with the effort.

I also recalled a quote that I often think of by the great World War II POW and hero, Lou Zamperini. After becoming a Christian, he realized just as surely and just as clearly that his life was "In God's hands now, as it had always been."

Whether it's a medical diagnosis, driving down the May River Road, air travel, or simply going to sleep at night, there has never been a time when our lives are not in God's Hands... no matter what we face, God knows all.

Lastly, some may ask what you can do; it strikes me that what you can do, you've already been doing. This is a great congregation and we do so many of the right things. My surgery is December 17. I covet your prayers. If all goes well I'll be preaching at the Cross Schools Campus just a few days later, "For the Glory of God... in Song". I can't wait!

Above all, I would ask you to pray for the Glory of God, that in all things we would continue to be moving forward, onward, and upward, giving God the best of what we have - nothing more, nothing less.

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