I'm excited and I'm praising the Lord!

November 30, 2017 | by: Father Chuck Owens | 0 comments

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“I’m excited and I’m praising the Lord!”
Part II

Jordan Ross and I returned to the Cross Schools Campus two days ago to make another video marking the progress of the construction projects among the goals of The Present for The Future. I was excited before stepping onto the site for lots of reasons, but four particularly. 

First, the Advent Season is upon us and with it will come many opportunities to reach folks who have no relationship with Jesus and are a part of no local family of believers . . . and yet the celebration of Christ’s birth draws them to a worship service.  Their numbers are such that accommodating them requires six worship services on Christmas Eve and another on Christmas morning – that’s two more services than are offered every weekend.  Just thinking about sharing the Gospel via Scripture, music and proclamation in the company of thousands of people of all ages excites me!  I pray you’re excited, too, about the possibilities before us in the next month . . . excited enough to invite others to come and see the love of God made real in the 21st century.

Second, it was announced last week that “a giant residential and commercial development” (9,500 homes and apartments as well as 1.5 million square feet of retail and office space) would be breaking ground next year in the Hardeeville area, potentially bringing with it more than 20,000 new residents (that's greater than the present population of Bluffton).  This excites me because the twenty-five acre tract of land purchased with capital campaign funds for a future worship and school site in Jasper County is located right in the middle of the area to be developed – praise God!

Third, I knew that in visiting Cross Schools I would be greeted with smiles and enthusiasm, for both are omnipresent on the campus.  Young and old alike are excited about what is happening right now and the programs and facilities that will become a reality next year . . . so excited, in fact, that it thrilled me to be in their presence! 

Fourth, I had purposely not returned to the construction site since making last month’s video because I wanted to glory in what the Lord was doing with the resources being invested in His Kingdom-building work.  A sign posted on the job site in several places by Fraser Construction Company cut to the heart of what I was about to see (click here to view the video) . . . upon reading it, I was excited and praising God!


In His Power and for His Glory,