His Compulsion is our Liberation, 4-12-13

May 18, 2016 | by: Pastor Jonathan Riddle | 0 comments

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jonathan167"But who can duly adore that Love which will open the high gates to a prodigal who is brought in kicking, struggling, resentful, and darting his eyes in every direction for a chance to escape…. The hardness of God is kinder than the softness of men, and His compulsion is our liberation."

This was the experience of C.S. Lewis coming to grips and discovering a God that he had no desire for. His straightforward testimony has brought me great comfort over the years. The bible teaches that it is God who gives us faith. “For by grace you have been saved through faith, and this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God.” Ephesians 2:8

A constant reminder to me at least, that I have given myself way to much credit...and blame for the souls who have come to faith in Jesus Christ and for those who have not. We’re certainly called to be obedient in making disciples, but Faith can only be given by God, no matter how eloquent or lack thereof, God is the only one who changes hearts.

I have great peace knowing that God can change even the most hardened heart. What this means and does is that we can never “give up on someone” because all salvation is a miracle of God…even you. Someone may appear to far off from Christ, but in God’s eyes they may be nearer to the Kingdom than any of us can possibly imagine. I’ve seen this with my own brother, believing his conversion as almost impossible, and with man it is, but with God nothing is impossible. His story is here.

Its been five years this week since Jesus Christ delivered him from Heroine addiction and Prison. I did nothing, and that’s the beautiful thing about it...God did it all, and I’m so glad he did!

"The hardness of God is kinder than the softness of men, and His compulsion is our liberation."

Glorify God and Enjoy Him Forever!

Pastor Jonathan

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