Heart Christianity, 2-27-13

May 18, 2016 | by: Pastor Jonathan Riddle | 0 comments

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jrRecently a pastor's words challenged me to think about my life. He said, "Much of Christianity in America is focused on Adrenal Christianity rather than Heart Christianity."

I love adrenaline; being a pastor and having five children there are many days where that's the only thing that gets me through. But it doesn't do much for the long haul; I rely on adrenaline for a burst of energy, not to live my entire life. I rely on my heart for every moment, of every day of my life. It serves me during good days and bad, high and low days, appreciated and unappreciated days. It never lets me down or takes a day off. It just keeps on going.

The Christian life as Jesus intended works in the same way- we should be after the "Heart" of Christianity rather than the short bursts of energy that eventually lead to fatigue and dropout. In a real sense Jesus is looking for marathoners not sprinters, people who pace themselves for the long haul and finish the race. Those are the people that are truly having an impact.

With this in mind, this is my prayer: "May God enable me to have a single eye and simple heart, desiring to please God, to do good to my fellow creatures and to testify my gratitude to my Redeemer."

Glorify God and enjoy Him Forever,

Pastor Jonathan

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