Each One Reach One, 5-5-14

May 18, 2016 | by: Father Chuck Owens | 0 comments

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padre164EACH ONE REACH ONE- the imperative jumps out from the refrigerator magnet being distributed on both campuses; THAT NONE SHOULD BE LOST - the rationale for the mandate makes the case for action. The wording is both a catchy and convicting reminder if one is a true disciple of Jesus; the piece is a novel decoration for those only marginally so, one capable of deceiving a less discerning dinner guest who strays into the kitchen; and for the indifferent recipient, the magnet is deemed to be a waste of resources aptly destined for discreet disposal. The question is: which are you?

eoroWe look down upon those who are deemed to be hoarders, those who selfishly refuse to share their possessions with those in need. Yet we tacitly condone hoarding by those who selfishly refuse to share their faith, often even condoning their sin under the ridiculous rubric of "faith is personal." Ten days ago we joyfully proclaimed that "Christ is alive" . . . inside our churches - in the days since, how many of us have shared the Easter Good News with those who are currently hell-bound and lost for eternity, some of whom are near and dear to us?

One person cannot change the world but one person can change someone's world - each one can reach one . . . by rolling away the stone and letting the Son's light shine into the darkness, each of us can do for someone else what someone else did for us; and for Christ's sake and theirs we must!

I pray that you will place the magnet where its message will serve to frequently hold you accountable to acting on the faith in the risen Lord you profess to believe . . . and if you would like to have an extra magnet or two for sharing or multiple placements, simply click here.

In His service and for His glory,



Strengthening our partnership in the Emerald Isle

For some four years now we've been the beneficiaries of a deepening relationship with the Diocese of Kilmore, Elphin and Ardagh in the Church of Ireland, Initiated by Bishop Ken Clarke, the partnership continues to be fostered by his successor, the Rt. Rev. Ferran Glenfield (center above), who is presently with us for eight days. Two theological students are also in the parish as interns: Raymond Kettles (left above) for three weeks and Rusty Glenfield (right above) for six weeks. Please extend a heartfelt welcome to our fellow brothers in Christ. Also, Bishop Glenfield will be delivering the sermon ("The Road Home") during all services on the Historic Campus this weekend - please come and bring a friend to receive the blessing he's sure to bring!

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