Comfort Us to Make Us Comforters, 7-2-14

May 18, 2016 | by: Father Chuck Owens | 0 comments

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God does not comfort usFather OwensColorPic
to make us comfortable, 
but to make us comforters.
                             J. H. Jowett

Most Sunday mornings I stand twice before many hundreds of people to deliver what others regularly attest to be a well-crafted, God-honoring sermon designed to make the Scriptures come to life for those in search of life. Most Sunday afternoons I sit at the feet of much more eloquent preachers who do for me what I endeavored to do for others earlier in the day . . . but there are some differences. I've spent hours preparing my thoughts . . . they've spent a lifetime. I'm standing in a pulpit or on a stage . . . they're reclining in a hospital bed at home. My voice is amplified . . . they're talking in whispers. I speak of faith . . . they're modeling it. I know about the "valley of the shadow of death" . . . they're passing through it. I've come to minister to them . . . they're ministering to me. We know this might be my final visit . . . but, praise God, we believe it won't be the last time we see other!

In His service and for His glory,


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