CLEAVE, 9-9-14

May 18, 2016 | by: Father Chuck Owens | 0 comments

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Father OwensColorPicWednesday evening, September 3rd, I'll be hosting the fall gathering of our ministry leaders and the key people on their ministry teams in the Parish Hall on the Historic Campus - it will be a CLEAVE event: Core Leadership Encouragement And Vision Enhancement. Following dinner, I'll reference Scriptures as I speak on:

(1) the qualities of leadership critical to making a meaningful Gospel impact on the areas we serve;
(2) observed strengths and opportunities for improvement;
(3) challenges now before us; and
(4) a glimpse over the horizon.

Day in and day out these leaders are guided and nurtured in the detailed aspects of their serving by our Lay Ministry Coordinator; whereas my interactions with them tend to be casual, pleasant offshoots of some other activity . . . and that's as it should be. But these serendipitous moments lack the intensity and level of seriousness rightly accorded the high calling of leading God's people in one of our eighty-plus ministries - CLEAVE is the appropriate venue for that.

A great and glorious . . . and extremely busy . . . fall season is upon us. As a team of lay and ordained leaders, it's imperative that we be stepping together with a common focus on the big picture of God's salvation work and a heightened awareness of God's call to excellence in His name - that's my goal for this and every CLEAVE gathering. May it be so, Lord; may it be so!

In His power and for His glory,


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