Children's Ministry Leader

March 29, 2017 | by: Pastor Jeff Falkowski | 0 comments

Children’s Ministry Leader

The Church of the Cross, Bluffton, is seeking a full-time Children’s Ministry Leader. We
recognize children can understand the deep truths of the Gospel at an early age.
Therefore, we seek a leader who will build a firm Gospel centered foundation in our
children and who will join with their parents to help raise up the next generation to firmly
know and grow in these truths. We are praying for an experienced leader who has a
vibrant relationship with Christ and a passion to see young people, along with their
parents, rooted in a dynamic grace driven relationship with God. Such a person will
need to have shown leadership in the past and possess the gifts of public speaking and
communication, teaching, strong interpersonal skills, team leadership, volunteer
development, personal discipline and have a fun-loving attitude. If this is you and you’d
like to discuss this opportunity please initiate contact with the Rev. Jeff Falkowski at

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