Chance Encounters, 4-2-13

May 18, 2016 | by: Father Chuck Owens | 0 comments

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padreheadshotIt was over in a moment - a young sleek Lexus had married itself to my old gray Buick. The attendants were a police officer and a tow truck operator. The reception was funded by her insurance company and catered by various automotive repair shops. Vows were exchanged: "I wasn't expecting you - I've never done anything like this before!". . . "Don't be concerned - everything will be alright!" But alas, like many "quickie marriages," it didn't last long. In less than sixty minutes the unlikely couple had relinquished their embrace; and with the flick of a tail light, the young siren had disappeared in the clutches of a flat bed trailer, content to treat the sordid affair like a not-so-cheap one-hour-stand. Such is life in the fast lane!

Chance encounters - they happen in the twinkling of an eye and the perceptions of those involved often differ wildly. Even days after he ignored a stop sign, sped out of a side street and slammed into the left front side of my car, the elderly gentleman driving the new Lexus might well take exception to my tongue-in-cheek description of the accident, no doubt interpreting it as making light of a serious matter; whereas, while cognizant of the gravity of the incident, I choose to view it in the context of life's much bigger picture. A moment sooner and my journey on this earth might well have come to an abrupt halt; a moment later and neither of us might have survived. But the timing was what it was . . . God's perfect timing. 

You see, there's nothing chance about chance encounters. Rather, I believe they're God's way of nudging us out of our routine, of using the unexpected to catch our attention, of engendering a greater appreciation for His presence in and sovereignty over our daily comings and goings . . . obviously I must have needed such a stirring. For all that the collision was and was not, I thank God and rejoice in His grace and mercy.

In His power and for His glory,


P.S. Appropriately for this season, I have been promised that my Buick will be resurrected to new life in just two more days and should then be up and about for another 150,000 miles . . . provided there are no more chance encounters!

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