Blessed to be a Blessing, 7-14-14

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padre164Two days ago I received the following email from a member of Rev. Ali Calvin's parish in Ireland. Perhaps you'll remember Ali as the enthusiastic young lady who visited with us several times, preached on both campuses, led a workshop on healing and twice spoke at our Annual Meeting. Ali's parish was also one of those ministered to by our youth team last year and a team of our adults the prior year. I offer that as background for saying that Ali's passion for the Gospel and for reaching across the cultural barriers that inhibit the spread of the Good News is known to us, so too is the need for space with proper facilities to house activities for young and old.

When Ali was last with us, she confided that many obstacles were standing in the way of accomplishing the remodeling desperately needed on their ancient facilities, money being one; they had been raising funds for several years but several more would be needed before construction could begin - alishe feared that the delay would kill the bit of momentum that had surfaced. We prayed about it and left it at that. Later I was convicted that the Lord was calling on us to act on His behalf to usher in a new day in Killeshandra; I approached the Mission Committee with a loan in mind - they preferred not to encumber the work of the Spirit in that way and chose instead to make a grant of $40,000 . . . the Vestry unanimously endorsed this move acknowledging that we have been blessed to be a blessing to others and a blessing we must be! So as we built a church in Africa earlier this year, now we're helping to remodel a facility in Ireland. It's important for all to remember that our mission and outreach endeavors near and far are funded by proceeds generated through God's Goods (click here for info) and are coordinated by the Mission Outreach Minders and Modelers (MOMM) group (click here for more info) . . . . and it's for both groups and you that I say, "Thanks be to God!"

In His power and for His glory,


Dear Father Owens and all those in the family of God in The Church of the Cross,

Last Sunday Reverend Ali Calvin announced in church that The Church of the Cross has been moved by the Holy Spirit to gift our church almost €30,000 to complete the works on our church hall here in Killeshasndra Parish, Cavan, Ireland. Your gift is so absolutely incredible and wonderful and so very, very generous and we thank God for it. It is our prayer that your gift will surely be part of a powerful transformation of our church and though our church a transforming of our community and even our nation. Killeshandra is so very, very blessed that you are and will continue to be part of this work.

Recently a group from Norway came to Killeshandra to lead a healing service for the church and community. My son and I later attended a final service by the group in Willowfield Parish, Belfast. There they presented a slide show of the churches they had visited on their trip and the fruit of their ministry. When they came to Killeshandra, they started with a picture of Rev Ali and asked, "Does anyone here have a building project they need to get completed. If so here's the woman to call from- she's building a new hall without any money!"

What Ali is doing, of course, is leading the church in a step of faith. She knows that God will make a way for His people to complete His work and your gift is proof of this.

I also noted this morning that the trial to decide ownership of the assets and property of the congregations in South Carolina begins today: That you would make this gift at a time when so much is at stake for you as a church and diocese speaks so much of your own faith in God to look after the needs of His people. Please know our prayers are with you as you stand firm for the Gospel of Christ.

It Christ's Name,

Andrew Pierce,
Killeshandra Parish

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