Be it Resolved

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Be it Resolved

"For I am the LORD your God. You must consecrate yourselves and be holy, because I am holy."                                                                                                                                       - Leviticus 11:44

Let's be honest: this is the time of the year when many of our New Years' Resolutions fall by the wayside. The diet gets ignored, the exercise equipment collects dust, etc., etc. Right? But although we should eat healthy food and we should get the proper amount of exercise, the Bible never says that God commands His people to lose weight and increase their aerobic activity. He does, however, tell us to be holy.

He is a holy God and He made us in His image. If we are made in His image, then it is no surprise that we are called to be holy to reflect the image of our Creator. To be holy doesn't mean to be good - we all struggle with that. To be "holy" means to be pure and clean, to be set aside for God's special use, and to be dedicated to that purpose. God knows we can't be holy by ourselves, so He sent His Son Jesus to purify and cleanse us by His sacrificial death on the cross. He also gave us His Holy Spirit to empower us to live the holy lives He desires. If God is willing to give us so much so that we can be holy, then holiness must be very important to Him and for us.

Many moons ago, I was the City Planner of the City of Conway, South Carolina. One of my duties was to write Resolutions that the City Council would adopt to set policies for the town. In those resolutions, there was always a list of "whereas clauses" that gave the background and the reasons for the resolution. The "whereas clauses" were then followed by the actual resolution: the action that the Council intended to take. The resolution always began with the phrase, "Now, therefore, be it resolved". What would happen in 2016 if all of us resolved to live more holy? I bet we would be amazed and the LORD would be pleased. Below is a 2016 "Holiness Resolution" that I drafted. Read it, sign it, and have your signature witnessed by an accountability partner. Let's be resolved to be holy this year - not to try to earn God's love, but because we have already received it though Jesus. New Years' blessings to you all!

2016 Holiness Resolution

Whereas, the LORD God Almighty is a holy God (Joshua 24:19); and

Whereas, the word "holy" means pure, clean, set apart for special use, and dedicated; and

Whereas, God created me in His image (Genesis 1:27, Genesis 9:6); and

Whereas, since I am created in God's image, and He is holy, He calls me to be holy as He is holy (Leviticus 11:44, Leviticus 19:2);

Whereas, because of my sin, I can only be made holy through faith in Jesus Christ and by the power of the Holy Spirit (Romans 3:23-26, Romans 8:2);

NOW, Therefore, BE IT RESOLVED, that in 2016, I ask the Holy Spirit of the holy and living God to help me to be holy as He is holy. To live a holy life this year, I seek the LORD's guidance to:
Keep my heart, my thoughts, my words, and my actions pure and clean;
Remind me that I have been set aside by God for His special use. I will seek His purpose and His will for my life;

Dedicate my life, my family, my work, my leisure, my time, my talents, and my resources to serving God through His Son, my Savior, Jesus Christ.

RESOLVED this ____ day of January, in the year of our LORD 2016.

______________                                                                                            _______________
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