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Aleph Ministries, Madagascar – Mike and Yvonne Broadhurst

For over two years now, The Church of the Cross has been supporting our own members Mike and Yvonne Broadhurst with their ministries in Madagascar.

Mike and Yvonne served on the Mercy ship in South Africa where they set sail for Toamasina, Madagascar. When it was time to board the ship and leave Madagascar they felt the Holy Spirit and decided in a moment to stay in Madagascar and make a difference.

They are doing many things – teaching, preaching, visiting new businesses, mentoring, sowing, harvesting etc…

Below are some examples of their mission work in Madagascar:

Mike with ten people in front of the class on "How to Start a Small Business -- Using Kingdom of Heaven Principles." Mike was demonstrating with ten people the reasons 9 out of 10 businesses eventually fail because of lack of follow through applying ALL of the necessary business principles to operate a successful business.

Madagascar 1

Another wonderful example - a FISH FARM in the Bush (countryside). Their business class graduate, Mrs. Mosy, employed 30 local people to construct the fish farm. (30 people were employed, which is a big deal as there is so little opportunity to get paying jobs.) The people used tiny shovels and a piece of cloth to dig and move the dirt. It is all simply amazing.

Madagascar 2

Madagascar 3

A new village church in The Bush! Mike and Yvonne had been to The Bush to preach there some time ago and they needed to build a new church as the facility they had was leaking and was truly falling apart. They prayed Psalm 91 over the land. A couple weeks ago they went back to this village to give The Word, worship and pray in the new facility made of bamboo siding and a psalm branch roof. A church elder told them they prayed Psalm 91 over the land EVERY DAY until the church was finished. God is Good!

Madagascar 4

So many stories of God's amazing and loving handiwork and you are welcome to learn more about their mission work through their personal website

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