A Step Back in Time, 8-14-14

May 18, 2016 | by: Father Chuck Owens | 0 comments

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Father OwensColorPicBefore me is the final draft of the sermon I'll be giving this Sunday afternoon during a worship service launching the silver anniversary celebration of the independent school I headed for twenty-eight years. When I accepted the invitation several months ago, I fully expected the preparation to be fairly easy and really no more than a matter of stringing together a handful of memories.Thomas Sumter Academy But the more I tried to cut that corner, the more I realized the insufficiency of an old man's anecdotal remembrances on such a monumental occasion - I was blessed to be a minuscule part of something very unique and translating that "something" into words that transcended my tenure and rightly placed the focus on God's hand at work throughout fifty years had to be my priority. Prayer pointed me to Joshua 4:1-7 and pondering prompted the writing of a sermon entitled, "What do these stones mean?" (click here to read the sermon)

Becky and I will be leaving the Cross Schools Campus following the second service on Sunday, August 10th, for the three hour journey to Sumter County and returning that evening. Please pray that the Lord will use us mightily on this brief but vital mission trip.

In His power and for His glory,


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