A New Beginning

January 27, 2017 | by: Pastor Jeff Falkowski | 0 comments

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It is amazing how quickly plans can change, in an instant, at the drop of the hat. We were moving forward, things were going well, we were making progress and then "it" happens. We are thrown for a loop, we are pushed off course, we lose sight of the promise, we experience a set back and discouragement overtakes us.

At the point of such discouragement, we evaluate whether it is worth moving upward and onward towards "the goal" that once engendered hope. At this point, people often give up and never experience the joy of overcoming. Looking back at my own life there are a couple of situations that make me pause and wonder "what if" I would have pressed on despite the prevailing circumstances.

Rather than lamenting the past and wondering what could have been, as I get older I now let the "what if's" motivate me when the discouraging "it" happens. And you know "it" will happen.

I think of all the obstacles the ordinary people of faith faced throughout the Bible. Opposition from family and friends, struggles with health, ridicule for their faith, naysayers to dreams, internal conflicts, problems with issues of sin and the list goes on. They endured despite overwhelming odds, difficulties and even heartbreaking circumstances. They drew on the strength of their relationship with Christ, they heard the gentle voice of the Spirit encouraging them to continue on, they remembered the Love of the Father who called them to be His very own. May we be like them because in reality they are just like us, ordinary people.

This little note is for all of us who have been discouraged, are feeling discouragement now or will be discouraged in the future. Remember, God really does love us! We can call on Him at any time, we can share our hearts with Him and He will help us in our time of need! If God be for us, who can be against us? (Romans 8:31)

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