A New Beginning

January 9, 2017 | by: Pastor Jeff Falkowski | 0 comments

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Jeff FalkowskiA New Beginning

I love starting a New Year. How strange that the passing of the date from December 31st to January 1st can give us a sense of closing an old chapter and starting a new one. Yet, it does!

A new beginning gives us the opportunity to change and grow, but change can also be unsettling and growth is often uncomfortable. When we feel unsettled and experience discomfort, we tend to go back to what is old and familiar even if it is not healthy for us to do so. This is why many times change and growth stop soon after they start.

We can overcome obstacles to change and growth by remembering we are rooted in the past, namely the finished work of Jesus Christ who makes all things new.

We can find comfort as we experience the necessity of growing pains by remembering we are sheltering in the present according to the promises of God, our Father, in the Scriptures.

We can be reaching out to the future with boldness to engage the world around in order to make a positive impact with the good news of Jesus Christ because we are empowered by the God of the ages who is ever present with us through the Holy Spirit.

I look forward to a new beginning with you all knowing that together we are rooted, sheltering and reaching out for His Glory, so that others may know Jesus Christ is Lord in 2017.

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