2018 Annual Gathering . . . “Heart to Heart and Hand in Hand”

January 18, 2018 | by: Father Chuck Owens | 0 comments

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2018 Annual Gathering . . . “Heart to Heart and Hand in Hand”

I am always overcome by feelings of humility and gratitude when I stand before this congregation in the Name of the Lord, but never more so than while joining the hundreds who attended this year’s annual gathering!  After joining our voices to sing the “Days of Elijah” and “It Is Well,” together we committed the evening to prayer:

Heavenly Father: we turn the page on 2017 with an attitude of deepest gratitude.  Thank you for your presence, provision and protection in measures we can scarcely begin to fathom.  2018 dawns with a complex set of challenges and a myriad of opportunities.  We humbly ask that you give us:

  • the faith to face those challenges and others that are sure to arise;
  • the courage to commit to the truth of Holy Scripture and its defense;
  • the strength to endure the hardships of Cross-carrying;
  • the grace to be forgiving; and
  • the confidence to trust in you as we boldly seize the Kingdom-building opportunities you place before us.

Empower us by your Holy Spirit to live as those who have welcomed your Son into our hearts and now abide in His peace.  May it be so, Lord; may it be so!  Amen.

Given the significance of the evening, in an effort to communicate with as many congregants and friends as possible videos were made of my message (click here) and that of Bishop Lawrence (click here); an outline of my thoughts was also distributed at the evening’s outset (click here); the 2017 Annual Report had been previously posted on our webpage (click here).

The 2018 Annual Gathering concluded with the faithful standing to sing “Even If” and “Because He Lives,” followed by the Bishop’s Benediction . . . it was a God-honoring evening for sure!


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